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06 maggio 2021

Spain: Q fever cases reported in climbers

Fonte: outbreaknewstoday.com

The Health Department of the Basque Government has reported at least five cases of Q fever in the Baltzola caves since last December, almost all of them suffered by climbers, a group that uses the interior of these cavities to train along of the whole year.

The outbreak of this disease forced this Friday to close access to this natural space located in Dima and also very visited by families and hikers on festive days.

As the mayor of the town, Josu Gorospe, told the media, it was “on Friday morning when we received an email from the Health Department of the Basque Government telling us to proceed with the closure due to the appearance of Q fever cases.” For this reason, signs have been placed at the two entrances to this karst complex, from the Indusi area and from the San Lorenzo hermitage.