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12 ottobre 2019

African swine fever: the deadly virus that has landed on Australia’s doorstep

Fonte: theguardian.com

The deadly virus wreaking havoc in Asia has been detected in Timor-Leste, just 680km north of Darwin

One month ago a particularly virulent strain of African swine fever – which has been wreaking havoc in Asia since it was detected in China last year and could potentially kill up to 25% of the world’s pig population – landed on Australia’s doorstep.

The disease was detected just 680km north of Darwin, in Timor-Leste. Australian biosecurity agencies which had been screening major airports and mail distributors for illegally imported pork products redoubled their efforts.

Because while Australia’s border control and quarantine methods are strict, experts say pork products sent in the mail pose a risk. For example, a care package containing a pork product – some jerky, a cured sausage – is sent from a country where the disease is present to an Australian friend or relative. They eat the jerky and throw the packaging in the bin. It ends up in landfill where it is eaten by a feral pig.